Mixer Jaëxx

Bradenton Ambient

1. Bayshore Gardens


4. GT Bray


7. Riverwalk

2. Causeway


5. Oneco

3. De Soto


6. Palma Sola



This is the debut ambient album featuring organic, outdoor field recordings morphed into rhythmic melodies against lush, evolving pads and deep, soundscape-propelling bass. The organic field recordings used in every song have all been recorded in Bradenton, Florida in the areas the songs are based at. The field recordings have been turned into pieces of music. Each song is about an area of Bradenton based on are what inspires the musical elements of the song.


In the song De Soto, it includes field recordings of birds from the area, features Spanish guitars and piccolo flutes as homage to the Spanish settlers and Seminole Native Americans that are featured in Fort De Soto. For the song Oneco, which is an industrial area of Bradenton, it includes field recordings of mechanics hammering on steel syncopated against xylophones and glockenspiels backed by synthesized pads and the sound of shoes walking on sandy concrete to provide pace.


Each song has the complexity and production value of five traditional ambient songs combined that results in a modernized ambient listening experience defined by evolving pads, historically-inspired field recordings, rhythmic white noise and stereo-panned bass that keeps the songs musically entertaining.


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