All of my albums, current and future, can be downloaded 100% free. You don't have to give your email address, Facebook likes or download codes. No bully marketing tactics, just an actual free album from an honest artist.


If downloading from a tablet or smartphone, you may have to leave the new tab open until the file downloads.


MIDI Controlled Addiction


Download free MP3 album

Why Free?


Although it cost money, I give people the option to own my music for free because it means more knowing people around the world get enjoyment out of something I created. I'm not in this for money and I'm not out to become people's favorite artist; being able to have one of my songs played during the soundtrack of someone's day or night humbles me greatly.


In addition to downloading, my music is also available to be streamed from Apple Music, Spotify and other places.


Help Me Out


I'm an independent artist doing this completely on my own. I’d love any and all help you can give to spread the word. Comment on YouTube, follow or retweet me on Twitter; any of these would be a big help.


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