One of the reasons I create music is to hear how it affects people. It's awesome when music lovers, music makers and everyone in-between interacts with me.


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For high-resolution image downloads or if you have a project, such as a film, commercial or even a video game and you're interested in using my music royalty-free, this page has information for you.


How To Help


Because I’m not signed to a label of any sort (in order to allow free downloads to my albums and keep creative control), I don't have the benefit of staffers promoting my music on social media, forums or blogs that even the tinniest independently-signed artists enjoy. So in addition to actively promoting myself in the community, I rely on the word-of-mouth of my music loving peers (you all). Tell someone you know about my music or simple contact me and let me know what you think.


There's a million other artists and musicians out there and I truly appreciate the time you've spent here.


Thank you

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