If you're interested in using my music for compilation albums or have a blog or publication interested in doing a feature, don't hesitate to contact me up.


How To Type "ë"


There's a few different methods on how to type the accent on the "ë" in my name. Here's how.


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As the copyright holder, I'm giving anyone permission to use these images in content featuring me.




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Using My Music In Your Project


If you're interested in using my music in your project, it's pretty easy.

Non-commercial Projects


For non-commercial projects, it's 100% royalty-free. You don't have to contact me if you don't want, just find some way to credit me in your work. Here's an example. If for some reason crediting me is an issue, hit me up and we'll talk it out. My songs are identifiable through services such as Shazam, but I refuse to monetize my music through SoundScan; this happily means using my music won't automatically insert ads on YouTube.

Commercial Projects


For commercial projects, I'll likely allow you to use my music 100% royalty-free. Just hit me up first and we'll talk about your project. I hold the copyrights to my music (officially certified through the U.S. Copyright Office) so I'm the only person to go through to use my music for commercial purposes. My songs are identifiable through services such as Shazam, but I don't use automated monetization services like SoundScan. This means automated copyright bots will never flag your work for featuring my music. If you need one of my songs modified to fit your project, contact me and I might be able to accommodate.

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